Fighter Brake 14x1LH Titanium


Weighs less than 1 oz!

Machined from titanium.

Choice of finish.

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The Definitive Arms Fighter Brake is the most cost effective and lightest fully functioning muzzle device designed for AK47/AKM type rifles. It is a well rounded and balanced muzzle device that provides an excellent level of performance when considering it’s weight. It has just enough front face on the side ports to provide an adequate level of braking without causing harsh concussions or sideways venting that is obtrusive to those shooting next to you. Less dirt and dust is kicked up while shooting prone when compared to other devices as well. The two top ports combined with the upward biased side ports tame the muzzle rise on traditional AKs. The internal taper not only effects the amount of gas vented against the side ports during its travel forward, it also does a great job of eliminating most of the flash. While not a dedicated flash hider, this device provides the perfect balance of braking, flash suppression, and muzzle climb compensation while remaining short and lightweight. Suitable for fighting rifles even in low light conditions. It’s open taper design helps prevent clogging should the muzzle come in contact with dirt or mud.

  • 14×1 mm left-hand (LH) thread
  • Will clear any projectile up to .30 caliber (0.311″)
  • Machined from Titanium
  • Weight: 0.6 oz
  • Length: 1.73″
  • Finish: Machined polish or Matte (Choose one)
  • Made in the USA, counts as a single 922(r) compliance part

Additional information

Weight 0.6 oz

Machined, Matte