DAG-13 Stand Alone Gas Block (15mm)


Definitive Arms DAG-13 SAGB

  • ø15mm ID for AKM/74/100 series barrels
  • 13 Indexable Gas Settings including Gas Shut Off
  • Anti-Glare Front Serrations (FSGB Models Only)
  • Accepts standard AK Front Sight Drums (FSGB Models Only)
  • Billet Machined Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 4.7 oz
  • Made in the USA

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The Definitive Arms DAG-13 series of indexable gas blocks is a very simple and robust improvement for the AK. Our original design is unlike any adjustable gas system on the market and is truly unparalleled in its features and function. The DAG-13 is a sealed system, meaning, it restricts how much gas enters the gas system instead of venting surplus gas into the action. The result is an AK that runs cooler, cleaner, more efficiently, with tons of added benefits. During suppressed use you will notice reduced or eliminated back gassing, making suppressed shooting easier on the operator. Using the DAG-13 gives you the ability to tailor the recoil and ejection of your rifle to your needs or conditions. The benefits of utilizing the DAG-13 are many, and go beyond simply allowing one to adjust the gas pressure on their AK.

Features of the DAG-13 Indexable gas system.

  • Easily adjust your gas pressure on the fly.
  • 13 Indexable gas positions, clearly marked, for repeatable settings. Eliminates guess work.
  • Properly suppress your AK without causing damage or increased wear.
  • Reduced back gassing. Makes shooting suppressed AKs enjoyable without gas in the face.
  • Cooler and Cleaner operation by reducing gas entering into the action.
  • Gas shut off position. Rendering the rifle a single shot action for improved accuracy/better suppression.
  • Improve accuracy by reducing the negative effects excess gas entering the block has on the barrel.
  • Better recoil management by reducing over gassing. Even in Non-Suppressed AKs.
  • Improve reliability with sub-sonic ammunition.
  • Prevent short stroking, compensate for weak ammunition/adverse conditions, instantly in the field.
  • Takes standard size AK front sight drums and posts. (FSGB Models Only)
  • Anti-glare serrations on the front sight hood for improved sight picture. (FSGB Models Only)
  • 15mm ID for use with standard AKM, AK74, and 100 series AK barrels.
  • Works with most existing gas ports on AKM and 100 series pattern guns (90 degree, 30 degree, and “45” degree gas ports)
  • Machined from alloy steel and heat treated.
  • Weight: 4.7 oz
  • Parkerized Finish
  • Made in the USA