About Us

Definitive Arms is a family owned and operated business since 2010.

The Definitive Team consists of engineers, gun smiths, veterans, and skilled individuals with over 80+ years combined experience in everything from research & development, tool making & design work, custom smithing & firearms training, to applied use & gun fighting.

We are world renown for our quality and craftsmanship. Most notably for producing the most accurate AK rifles and innovative accessories available. Our team designs and produces everything from tooling to firearms.

The DA Team does more than meets the eye, including contract R&D services that have brought designs and concepts to life for not only ourselves, but other big names in the industry. We are your go to source for quality tooling to defend your Life, Liberty, and Property.

Definitive Arms is dedicated to providing innovative designs, quality products, and excellent customer service.

Chase Sisgold

Founder and Owner of Definitive Arms LLC.

-Tool Maker
-CNC Machine Operations
-Manual Machining
-Gun Smith & Armorer
-Operations Management