Definitive Arms is a fully equipped custom shop. We have the skill and expertise to work on everything from obscure antiques to the most cutting edge modern arms. Our team has a combined 80 years of experience.
We always provide clean, professional, top quality work.

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We offer full Kit Building services from the ground up. We’re equipped with a wide array of specialty fixtures, armorers tools, knowledge and know how to put together your parts kit with expert craftsmanship. Listed below are some of the more common types of kits we build, however we can’t list everything. If it’s not listed here, please inquire, we most likely work on it!

  • AK Build Services: We can build your AK from a wide variety of kits and parts available on the market. You can provide your own parts and receiver and we’ll do the rest. Don’t have your own parts kit? Our expert staff can help you pick out a setup that suits your needs. We can custom tailor and order the parts needed to bring your ideal AK to life.
    • AK Kit Build Packages:
      • Basic AKM or AK74: Starts at $599*
        • Complete build of a customer supplied fully demilled standard parts kit, virgin receiver*, and complete barrel*.
          • (DA can provide some common kits, receivers, barrels and components. Prices on parts vary and are quoted upon request)
        • Built to our standards with the craftsmanship and attention to detail found in our production offerings.
        • Includes rivets, pins, and some hardware provided by DA.
        • Complete refinish and restoration of all applicable steel parts in Blue over Mil-Spec Parkerization
        • Function checked and test fired to confirm reasonable zero and reliable operation.
        • Post test fire inspection, armorer checks, and head space verification.
        • All DA kit builds come with a limited warranty on build practices (does NOT include parts)
        • * Applicable kits include standard AKM and 74 type builds. Odd kits, RPK, custom variations, specialty work fitting non standard parts, etc, will incur additional costs.
        • *Virgin 100% Receivers from Childers, Recreator, NoDak, and Morrissety receivers before serial number range AA003000 and After AA005000 range are all accpetable for builds. Other brands may incur additional labor or not be accepted.
        • * Complete barrels include virgin barrels with all features present. DA final machining features such as threads, HG retainer grooves, Gas ports, etc, may incur additional cost.
        • * Pre-Head spaced front ends WILL NOT be accepted. It is a liability and DA will not complete your build with one. We have seen too many issues with them. Rather it’s safety, reliability, or accuracy issues, we won’t finish someone else’s work and call it a DA build. We will pull these assemblies apart and rebuild them at extra cost. Unfortunately sometimes the work prior-performed can diminish the integrity of the components and DA makes no implied guarantee that those components will meet our standards after inspection. Source your build components accordingly.
        • *Also required for the build: Fire control group, axis pin retainer, furniture, and any other hardware that may be missing from the kit. Some of this can be sourced through us, but it is recommended that you figure out what you want fitted to the build. Note: some aftermarket triggers and parts may incur additional labor for fitting.
  • FAL Build Services: We have a full set of FAL Armorer tools and utilize a lathe to true and time the shoulder on the barrel install. This ensures perfect timing of the barrel at the proper torque spec. We can build your FAL with expert precision.
  • UZI Build Services: With all the proper welding jigs and much experience behind the legendary Uzi SMG, We can complete your build with an outcome that meets or exceeds factory new condition.
  • HK Build Services: HK kit builds are not an easy job if you don’t have dedicated tools, fixtures, and the proper skill set to put them together. Luckily, these are things we possess, and as such our team can get your HK clone kit build put together with attention to detail.
  • Milled Receivers and Re-welds: Do you have a cleanly de-milled parts kit with a saw-cut or properly torch cut receiver? We can help get that old Bren, DPM, or other kit put together for you. Odd ball kits can be difficult to assemble, but we’ve got what it takes.
  • MISC Builds: Even if it’s not listed here, we most likely can and do built it! Just shoot us a request for a quote with all the details.
  • Barrel Threading Services: Performed by skilled machinists on a Lathe. Threads are guaranteed to maintain a proper class fit and be machined concentrically to the bore. Truing of shoulders and block faces to guarantee proper suppressor mounting is usually included in all threading services. We have the ability to thread in all left (LH) and right (RH) hand pitches.
  • Crowns/Cut & Crown Services: All cutting and crowning services are performed via single point tooling in a lathe, either between centers, dialed in through the head stock, or custom turned on caliber specific mandrel. Guaranteed to be clean, concentric to bore, and improve accuracy.
  • Pin & Weld Services: Pinning and welding on a muzzle device is not a task that should be taken lightly. We use gauge rods from the chamber face and measure out every P&W one to one to insure your firearm is legal. We blind pin and weld your device into the barrel walls cross sectional area using alloy steel pinning to ensure you meet ATF minimum requirements for legality. We have removed P&W’s from other outfits only to find that they weren’t performed legally or were missing the pin entirely. Don’t mess around with NFA rulings. We guarantee your P&W will be clean and legal.
  • MISC Turning: Have an issue on your barrel with fitment or a damaged surface? Maybe a shoulder needing to be squared perpendicular to the bore for proper suppressor alignment? We will take in barrels or other round parts for any type of lathe turning you may need.
    • We offer a wide array of options for making your firearm or parts look new again. We take the time to fully clean, strip, and cover every component for a robust, durable, and protective finish. Below are our current refinishing options.
  • Mil-Spec Parkerization: A great option for plating every part of the gun, as it’s completely submerged and will apply this base coat of armor to virtually every applicable surface of the gun. Plating will cover areas of the parts that spray coatings just can’t reach.
  • Hot Salt Bluing: We offer traditional hot bluing to steel firearms and components to achieve a classic timeless finish. A deep rich black/blue will cover everything. This can be applied to small springs, hardware, and tiny components for an extra layer of protection in those hard to reach areas on assembled firearms.
  • Blue over Park: We combine Parkerization and bluing to provide a rich dark matte finish. This is our most popular choice and provides a very durable base coat for your hard working tools.
  • Gun Coatings: Single color or camo patterns applied via Cerakote, KG gun kote, or Norrells Moly Resin to be quoted on a per job/part basis.
  • Definitive Arms BLACK ARMOR: Our classic hard coat finish we’re known for that was applied on all of our St. Petersburg, FL manufactured guns. Coming soon to our IN facility…
  • Wood Refinishing: Wood restoration, custom staining, stripping and reapplying oil/sealer, and most any other host of wood furniture work needed.

Definitive Arms Magwell Conversions for AK type firearms: Our patented magwell system for STANAG pattern AR-15 and AR-10 pattern magazines with Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO) capability. This product is one of our most sought after services. We can apply this full conversion to most existing guns in applicable calibers and configurations.

Pricing:  *(Please note that pricing for conversions can vary greatly based on condition, model, and prior work performed on the guns. Listed below is generalized starter prices assuming factory conditions)

  • Saiga .223 / 5.56
    • Magwell Conversion Package A $649*
      • Includes Magwell, LRBHO, feed ramp, hardware, parts and tooling required.
      • Labor to convert, CNC machine action, hand fit parts, and final assemble.
      • Test fire and gaurantee function of conversion.
      • Limited warranty on the conversion, parts, and labor performed.
    • Magwell Conversion Package B $799*
      • Everything in Package A Plus the following:
      • Completely Refinished in Blue over Mil-Spec Parkerization.
      • Light polishing post-refinish of the following areas:
        • Chamber beveled & polished.
        • Carrier bottom.
        • Carrier rails stoned & polished.
    • Magwell Conversion Package C $999*
      • Everything in Package A & B Plus the following:
      • Weld up all 7 Saiga voids and machine them flat:
        • 4 Side holes above pistol grip
        • Rear bottom hole below stock
        • Slot by trigger cutout for original manual BHO
        • Front handguard screw hole
      • Tune Safety for smooth operation prior to finish.
      • Additional post-refinish polishing as follows:
        • Carrier camming pocket edges
        • Bolt camming lug edges
        • Extractor claw face
        • Firing pin
        • Hammer face
        • Bottom of bolt where it rides over cartridges

(More details and conversion packages added soon…)

Definitive Arms offers full gun smithing services. Below is a generalized list of what we can do. Feel free to inquire about services or odd jobs not listed below.

  •  Diagnosing and Repairs: Having an issue or inherited that old firearm that just doesn’t run? We can diagnose and provide estimates to repair everything from old muskets to M2 .50 cal Machine Guns.
  • Custom Fitting: Installing parts that need hand fitting or one to one timing is not for everybody. Our skilled team can do the machine work to get those replacement part installed in your out-of-order firearm.
  • Inspection and Evaluation: Detailed disassembly and inspection of firearms and components. Armorer checks. Measuring wearable parts. Reporting findings and recommendations for preventative wear or replacing parts before damage occurs. It’s never a bad time to get that high value collectible inspected by smiths with certifiable credentials.
  • Full Restoration or Parts Salvaging: We have restored high value firearms and family heirlooms that seemed beyond repair! In the event of a catastrophic malfunction or firearm failure, we have also un-siezed actions or machined apart components and recovered valuable parts. We can get that blown up action apart to save that hard to find bolt! Remove that sought after barrel from a ruined receiver! Get your value out of the pile of junk that is collecting dust in your basement.

The Definitive Team has a wide array of skills and knowledge that extend outside of gun smithing. We perform contract R&D, one off machining, custom prototype services, milling, turning, welding services, wood working, and more. It’s hard to list all of the capabilities we have in house. You would be surprised to learn about some of the parts and projects we’ve had a hand in that are currently in production and sold through some of the biggest names in the industry. Reach out to us to see if we can assist you in your manufacturing needs.