Fighter Brake 24×1.5


Less weight than a standard AK-74 brake.

Fits “standard” AK-74-pattern/100 Series 24×1.5mm RH muzzles.

This device was designed to compete with the full size 74 Brake normally found on AK 74 Rifles.
The 24mm Fighter Brake outperforms it in every way, at less weight, and much shorter length.
It is a vast improvement over the standard device.

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The Definitive Arms 24×1.5mm  Fighter Brake is a Lightweight muzzle device designed for 24×1.5mm FSB equipped Firearms. It can be threaded onto “standard” AK-74-pattern/100 Series 24×1.5mm right-hand threaded muzzles. It greatly improves recoil management, allows for faster follow up shots, and significantly reduces flash emission to allow for usage in low light conditions. All without adding loud concussions or additional weight & length to your muzzle. Hands down this is the most well balanced device for 24mm threaded defensive firearms.

  • 24×1.5mm right-hand (RH) thread
  • Will clear any projectile up to .30 caliber (0.311″)
  • Weight: 2.8oz
  • Designed with a 12 O’clock and 11 O’clock detent notches (Fits regular and 100 series blocks perfectly. Krink blocks will have a slight Left Or Right side bias depending on knotch used).
  • Machine Gun Rated on any length BBL.
  • Length: 2.2″ (significantly shorter than most 74-type devices)
  • Nitride finish
  • Made in the USA, counts as a single 922(r) compliance part

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Weight 1.7 oz

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