AR15 Magwell Conversion Kit


(All Magwell Conversion Kits and Parts Sales are FINAL!)

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STANAG Magwell System Conversion to AR-15 Magazines with LRBHO

The Definitive Arms Patented STANAG Magwell System is a dedicated conversion for AKs allowing them to accept AR-15/STANAG pattern magazines and utilize automatic Last Round Bolt Hold Open (LRBHO) functionality. The kit comes assembled with all the necessary parts, pins, and springs, along with guidelines and tips for successful installation. Definitive Arms has produced and fielded the STANAG Magwell System for many years on several varieties of AKs with great success. This is not a drop in system. This is a semi-permanent dedicated conversion that is reliable in it’s function when installed properly. More info below.

Key features and benefits:

  • Converts your AK to use AR15/STANAG pattern Magazines
  • Fits most STANAG/AR-15 Magazines (Mil-Spec USGI, P-Mag, Lancer, and others)
  • LRBHO (Last Round Bolt Hold Open) Automatically locks the bolt open on an empty magazine
  • Improved Ergonomics. The layout of controls is a more modernized and user friendly configuration.
  • Efficient Manual of Arms. Loading, Reloading, and overall operation of the firearm is faster and easier.
  • Tactically Superior. Lets you know you’re out of ammunition through both felt recoil and the visible charging handle locked open at mid position.
  • Reduced cost of equipment. Cost of conversion kit and installation with your smith is often cheaper than a full load out of expensive 5.56 AK magazines.
  • Known Reliability. Definitive Arms conversions have been in use reliably for a decade. This is a solid and proven system you can depend on.
  • Designed and Patented by Definitive Arms.
  • Parts Machined from Billet Alloy Steel & Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Made in USA.
  • Backed by Definitive Arms “Family-Business Customer-Support” and detailed technical support. (We expect some initial calls about these, and we’ll be here to help your smith)
    • Note: This does not mean we will sit on the phone for 4 hours going step by step. However, we will provide as much help as reasonably possible when trouble shooting.


We Strongly Recommend a Competent Smith with Advanced Knowledge & Experience with AKs perform the conversion. Seriously, we can not stress this enough!

  • This is NOT a drop in DIY conversion. Requires skilled fitting and advanced knowledge of building AKs.
  • These conversions are Semi-Permanent and dedicated. Part of why they are reliable. Not for quick install and temporary-use. They are NOT adapters.
  • We recommend using a smith with lots of AK experience who is competent in machine/metal work.
  • ALL MAGWELL KITS AND PARTS SALES ARE FINAL! For obvious reasons, all magwell kits and component sales are final. We will not allow returns. We have thoroughly checked that every piece leaving here is in spec. Should you run into an issue, replacement parts are available for purchase. Free replacements will be issued at our sole discretion. However, under no circumstances will we refund these components after receipt by end user.
  • Definitive Arms LLC will NOT install these kits sold through our site. We already offer this as a direct service, we’ve been back ordered a long time. This is an opportunity for other smiths to do these conversions without waiting on us for the labor. The AK community has asked for this for the better part of a decade. We listened, here is your chance. However, we are very firm on the fact we WILL NOT install these kits. We already offer a full conversion service in house, including the parts (when we’re openly taking orders), and the magwells are marked differently to differentiate that they were installed by Definitive Arms. These kits are marked to ID them as end user conversion kits. This is so end users can identify in house conversion or end user conversions when purchasing AKs equipped with our system on the second hand market. This is the only way we can guarantee and differentiate the quality of conversions performed by us, as we have no way of guaranteeing conversions performed by other smiths/end users. In Short: THESE ARE FOR YOUR SMITH TO INSTALL. WE WILL NOT INSTALL THESE KITS.
  • NOTE: We can not and will not recommend or certify others work involving our conversion system. Choose a competent smith based on your experience. Definitive Arms will NOT assume any responsibility or liability for a negative outcome associated with you or your smith attempting to install these kits.