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* Estimates/Invoices provided are subject to change upon receipt of goods and evaluation of job details once in hand. Changes to orders after work has commenced may incur additional charges. To avoid any inconvenience please be as detailed and upfront about the condition of your parts and specifics of your job as possible, prior to sending in the work.

** Definitive Arms requires a non-refundable down deposit, equal to or greater than, the cost of parts to be provided by Definitive Arms on all jobs. Customers supplying all their own parts may not require a down deposit. Full balance must be paid prior to return shipping of completed work on all orders. Definitive Arms reserves the right to charge, at their discretion, a non-refundable down deposit on exotic or high value orders prior to commencing work. Generally speaking, most orders only require payment upon completion of services.

*** Turn around time on estimates can vary greatly depending on the volume of inquiries received. Please allow up to 20 Business days to pass before following up about your estimate if you haven’t heard from us by then. We are extremely over inundated with requests. DO NOT send duplicates in an attempt to speed up your turnaround. Duplicate submissions will result in the prior submissions being voided in order to guarantee we’re quoting you with accurate info that may have been updated in your most recent submission.

**** Turn around times will be estimated based on current work flow at the time of quotation. These are estimates and are subject to change for any reason, at any time, at our discretion. Estimated time of completion for jobs may be updated upon receipt of customers parts/deposit, and will be based on information available to us at that time. We make no guarantee or promise to complete work by estimated date unless explicitly agreed upon with prior arrangements and under special circumstances ONLY.

NOTICE: Definitive Arms reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or turn down any job for any reason at our sole discretion.