HK .308/7.62 NATO STEEL Magazines

HK Pattern Steel Magazines:

  • Fits: HK-91, HK-G3, HK Clones, PTR-91, .308/7.62 NATO Patterned Roller Lock Firearms
  • Professionally Restored by Definitive Arms
  • Magazine body, floor plate, follower, and spring all refinished
  • 3 Different categories of quality
    • Pictures show samples of quality for each category with a “Best” and “Worst” sample mag.
  • All come individually sealed in plastic, covered in oil. Ready to use, or store for long term keeping.
  • All Steel construction. More durable than aluminum bodied magazines.
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Steel HK patterned 308 magazines in good condition are hard to find. There are cheap battlefield pick ups in varied condition, covered in rust, that may or may not work. Then there is brand new all Steel magazines that can be quite expensive, followed by slightly less expensive ones in varied conditions of finish and use.

Definitive Arms has acquired a large assortment of HK91/G3 patterned steel magazines from various manufacturers and varied conditions. We then professionally restored them to like new or better condition. Better then when they were originally issued! Read more below to see everything that was done to these magazines prior to packaging and sealing them up for sale!

Restoration process performed to all magazines:

  • Every magazine is inspected for function and fit.
  • Every magazine is then broken down into its individual components.
    • Cleaned in an Ultra-sonic bath.
    • Springs are chemically stripped in heated tanks for cleaning and oxidation removal without damaging springs
    • Mag body, Floor plate, and Follower are meticulously abrasive blasted to remove all scale and old finish.
    • Matte blasting surfaces are heavier than original surface preparation. Providing a tougher finish adhesion.
    • Springs are reconditioned in heated tanks and Black-Oxide treated for increased corrosion protection.
    • Mag body, Floor plate, and Follower are subjected to two complete Mil-Spec refinishing processes:
      • (MIL-DTL-16232 Type M) Mil-Spec Parkerization.
      • (MIL-DTL-13924) Mil-Spec Black Oxide for additional protection and a deep rich black color.
      • Note: Followers and Springs were never coated from factory. These are better than original condition mags!
  • Parts are graded and reassembled, post refinish, and checked for function.
  • Each magazine is individually sealed in plastic after being coated in oil.


  • Magazines are of various Mil-Contract Manufacturers of respectable quality (No choice, you get what we pull).
  • Magazines are guaranteed to function.
  • These are perfect for long term storage, sealed in thick poly-tubing, in oil.

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