Standard Specs:

  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Barrel Length: 16.5″
  • Barrel Threaded 14x1L (Threads are concentric to bore. Suppressor ready)
  • AKM Patterned
  • Weight: 6lbs 15oz
  • OAL: 34.5″

Unique Features:

  • Produced by Definitive Arms.
  • Built using original Romanian Md 63 Forged Military Grade parts in Good condition. All major components matching.
  • High Quality properly heat treated AKM receiver from Childers Guns.
  • 922(r) Compliant U.S. Made 4150 CMV Black Nitrided Barrel. Same used in our long lasting in house Machine Guns.
  • DAKM Lite Rail equipped for guaranteed precision optic mounting.
  • G2 Fire Control Group. 922(r) Compliant.
  • ALG High Power Recoil spring.
  • Surplus Romanian Military wood furniture.
    • Note: To keep costs low, surplus furniture is used. It varies from good condition to fair. Allow for possible mismatched colors, dented and worn butt plates, light cracks or chipping. These are intended as rack grade functional place holders until you opt to put aftermarket furniture on. All furniture will be usable and solid in function. Guaranteed to add character to your D47/63R !
  • Bakelite pistol grips (condition may vary, many are worn)
  • Refinished in both (MIL-DTL-16232 Type M) Mil-Spec Parkerization and (MIL-DTL-13924) Mil-Spec Black Oxide for additional protection and a deep rich black color.

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The D47/63R Rifle:

The D47 line of Rifles is perfect for the entry level buyer, budget minded consumer, and even seasoned collector whom needs a quality defensive tool that won’t break the bank. With this pricing, you won’t feel bad beating these up, running ’em hard, and putting ’em up wet! We put attention to detail in the choice areas that should never be overlooked when building a tough and reliable AK. The D47 line utilizes manufacturing practices that keep costs down and prices low for you. These rifles got it where it counts. Reliable work horse tools with the standard features listed below.

Standard features on Definitive Arms “D47” line of production AKs:

  • All parts and components receive a general quality inspection to ensure they’re reliable and in functional condition. We replace or repair anything that is not functioning as it should. The parts accepted for the D47 line will meet or exceed rack grade refurbished AKs.
  • Front ends are pre-assembled and head spaced like traditional factory produced AKs by our friends at AoA. Straightness is double checked after final install and the ability to be zero’d is confirmed during test fire by making sure the rifles consistently hit silhouettes at 125yds.
  • All riveting operations are done one at a time in specialty tooling to remove all blind gaps in the components.
  • Press formed dimpling of receivers and machine chamfered components insure the highest yield strength possible where swell neck rivets are used.
  • Rivets formed on gauged presses to regulate tonnage with exacting pressures. Key to repeatable accuracy with AKs.
  • Magazine well, magazine catch, and selector stop plate hand fitted to ensure reliable function with in-spec magazines.
  • Head spaced with Go, No-Go, Field, and assortment of in spec cartridges to ensure proper function of the firearm.
  • Chambers are machine beveled and fully polished to ensure clean reliable feed, proper gas sealing during firing, and easy extraction post firing.
  • Refinished with attention to detail. Every single applicable piece is handled, processed, and plated to ensure a tough and adequate level of coverage on all surfaces. Down to the small hardware and tiny components hidden away inside the host. Completely submerged in multiple tanks to ensure an adequate level of coverage on applied finish.

Note: All Firearms must ship to a FFL for transfer. A valid copy of your transfer shop’s FFL license must be obtained prior to shipping.
Does not include pictured Magazine. Furniture condition may vary. Muzzle device may vary between Muzzle Nut and Slant Brake.

$30.00 Flat Rate Shipping on all Rifles*